26 January 2007

Valentine's Apron

Valentine's Apron
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The last item for the "box". I think Little Miss will love this. I whipped it up yeaterday morning. It was a fabric I found on sale and it was 60 inches wide. I bought a yard and probably have enough fabric to make three more of them the same size. Hmmm. I might even make one for myself!

I am also using this apron for the Jan/Feb Tie One On! Amy at Angry Chicken hosts a event every pther month called Tie One On. It's an apron appreciation group where she challenges us to make and apron and put it up for all to see. I have watched from afar for the last year and now with a bit of free time, I am participating. I look forward to the next few months of sewing some cute aprons, as the ones I currently have are very utilitarian!

So the first one's for Little MIss. I can hardly wait to see the pictures.