06 January 2007

Around the corner and back again

This weekend has brought a few extra moments to go looking around the net for new people and things. These are some of the new people I've found:

Claudia has illustrations that speak to me. Her art is done in what appears to me as pen and ink. The reason I say appears, is that Claudia is from Madrid and her site is in Spanish. The art is gorgeous, I'll have to get my son-in-law to translate.

Dub and Sam is a crafty blog that caught my interest. It seems Jessica is a lot like me. She's a crafter that loves to experiment in the kitchen and is interested in lots of things. She has a great link list too!

Bemused and I could be fast friends. She loves to quilt. Her quilts are so nice. The poatage stamp quilt she's working on is gorgeous. She also has an interest in other crafty goodness too so don't count her out if you're not a fan of quilting!

If you have yet to discover Superbuzzy! you're missing out. I have been a fan of Mariko and Kelly for about six months now. They has some very cute sewing and crafting items from Japan for sale at great prices.

Anja Boretzki has stolen my heart! She has some wonderful crafts to share with all of us. I am dying to make the angels for Little Miss next year! And that Nativity! Is that too cute?

I envy all of you who are illustrators. And I have added Natasha to my list. All of you do such inspiring things. My love for illustrators began with Danny got me started, I quickly added Kim who has brought inspiration untold to me. Each of you I respect and admire for your abilities to share life through your illustrations. They are wonderful. There are so many others. Please include yourself in that admiration.

So where have you been lately? And who is inspiring you right now?