23 January 2007

Scarf for Little MIss

Scarf for Little MIss
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After reading about the wonderful crocheting getting done at Bella Dia I knew I had to get going on a couple of projects.

This one was finished in a day and a half. It's for Little Miss of course. Who else needs a pink snuggly scarf? You see, she has this brand new convertible car, and it can be very cold in the winter! The scarf should help keeps things toasty while on her "drives". ;-)

Then it's on to the little cupcake hat for the new grandson. I have finished the band and am working on the body of the hat. That should be done in a day or so. Pics as soon as they make sense.

Than S'mee called and she needs a couple of crocheted flower pins. I'll whip those up for her tomorrow. I'll phtoograph the process, so it'll be a short tutorial for all of you who need to dust off your hooks and get started again.