02 January 2007

Super Organizer Girl Is on Board

Well, it is the 2nd of January and all...

I have been waiting for some quiet time around the house to begin. AS seen before by all of you (well, maybe not all) I have a office/craft/photography room to work in. It has been a bedroom, but now since the girlie girls all got married, I changed it out to my creating room!

idea girl

This is my idea shelf. I have articles from magazines since about 1979 in those notebooks. Problem: how to find the article I want without fishing through a ton of notebooks? I finally figured it out. Scan! That's right scan. I am going to scan every article and put it in a folder according to category with an index. Yes! Then I'll have what I need when I need it all with a few keystrokes.

Most of these articles are from past Martha Stewart magazines, Better Homes and Gardens and House Beautiful. If you have a request for instructions from a long lost articles, let me know, I may just have what you're looking for.

I am still in search of an article from the early 80s. If I ever find it....