05 January 2007

Cute fabrics

I am a sucker for cute fabric. I learned to sew when I was about twelve years old and have sewn ever since. Embroidery, pattern adjustment, culottes(should tell you how old I am) were my first projects. All in one item, aaack!

One thing I gained from being taught as a yound girl, was the opportunity to fall in love with fabric. I cannot walk by a fabric store without wondering what wonderful things are inside. I keep myself from dropping in, because I also have the other disease called "stash filling". Yes, I suffer from that dreaded condition. I have a dresser full of fabric that has yet to be cut. Eeeck!

While the granddaughter was here she opened a drawer and found this cute stuff. She said dress?
I told her I would see what I could do about making her a dress or two out of it. I have a pattern picked out but I am not aure it will work with the pattern. I may go with a summer jumper instead. Any suggestions?