02 January 2007

I took the plunge!

I went to haloscan a couple of days ago and noticed the recent news. The had a hack for the new blogger. Yes! It's exactly what I was waiting for. You see, I abhor the comments section on blogger. I cannot stand typing in code words for the opportunity to post a comment. Yuck. So I have been with haloscan for almost as long as I've been blogging. I paid the $10 ($10 wow that's all!) upgrade fee and I get to ban, and manage and change my template and do all kinds of neat things with comments.

When I read the news that some really great tech guy or girl over at halscan had figured the hack to get it to work with the new blogger I jumped at the chance to use it. That siad, as you can probably tell, there are a few bugs with the new blogger.

When yo migrate your site over, you lose all the cool extras you've added along the way. Then over the next few days, as I have been doing, you begin to remember all the stuff you used to have and begin adding them back in. It's not too difficult, but if you have a friend that's done it, give them a call or write them an email to check if you're doing things correctly.

Once you've made the migration choice, you'll get to see the bells and whistles, blogger has added. Cool stuff like being able to change your template colors and links, and all that good stuff pretty easily. I'm still not sold on the colors I'm currently using so you'll probably watch the changes with curious minds wondering when I'll stop. Possibly never. heh.

If you haven't yet managed to migrate, blogger is now saying the new blogger is blogger and the old blogger wants a vacation. I think that maybe, just maybe, they'll try to get you over your fears and have you make the change soon. Come on join the cool kids, drink the koolaid, or jump off that cliff, whichever peer presure slogan works for you. I know my sis has an aversion for lemming behavior, and doesn't like the "if I jump off a cliff will you?" mantra, but come on sis, I did it!