14 January 2007

The Fours Meme

MeMe from Melissa and her sister!

This came to Melissa in an email, she asks that we all keep it chugging along. So S'mee, Pea, the youngest one, and the 1st should all give it a try.

A) Four Jobs I have had in my life!

* Grocery Store everything, started as a box girl and worked my way to carrying keys, counting the money and setting prices (chain wide)
* Baker this was by far the very hardest job ever, it takes precision and stamina
* Stock Broker, yes I was one, I love the financial markets, hated the job
* Cook, line chef so to speak

B) Four Movies I watch over and over (and over)

* Empire of the Sun
* Regarding Henry
* About a Boy
* Joe versus the Valcano

Unfair to list only four. I love movies. I watch movies everyday, from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The State of the Union oldies to War of the Worlds and Braveheart. It serves an injustice to choose only four.

C) Four Places I have Lived

* Port Huron, Michigan
* San Diego, California
* Long Beach, CA
* Provo, UT

This was the hardest of all to decide, you see, I have lived so many other places too! I could have had a list of probably 20 more.

D) Four TV Shows I Love to Watch

* Heroes
* Monk
* No Reservations
* Amazing Race

This one was pretty easy. TV isn't all it's supposed to be, anymore. I have a myriad of tv to choose from and keep the channel on the HGTV and Discovery network most of the time.

Four Places I have been on vacation

* Punta Chivato, MX
* Cabo San Lucas, MX
* Utah, Idaho roadtrips
* San Francisco, CA and the pacific coast

Four Websites I Visit Daily

* My Blog Roll, some of you more than twice a day just to see if you're ever going to write again.
* Little Cotton Rabbits
* eGullet
* Ethicurean

Four of My Favorite Foods

* Hot Chocolate, yes, it is a food
* Chili Verde, in a burrito with melted cheese and lots of green sauce
* Kalamata Olive bread from Con Pane with thin sliced roast beef, goat cheese
* Turkey, gravy and rice

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

* Anywhere warm!
* Lexington, Virginia
* Provo, Utah
* Rexburg, Idaho

What I've learned so far is that I could probably eat with Lisa any day of the week and Melissa and I could watch TV or go to the movies together, a lot.