10 January 2007

Important site to visit before taking any road trip

I stumbled upon this site while surfing away a couple of days ago and find it to be one of the most important sites on the net. I see blog awards all the time for blogs that are funny, witty, informative, well written, all those good things. But this site, this site, is the mother of all blogs. Yes, it deserves a special place on the net. I believe because of the information it provides, it should be automatically be the home page for anyone purchasing a computer and planning to use the internet!

Yes. That. Important. This man deserves every award available, at least a link from all of us!

So what is it you ask? Well it has something to do with these:

Hmmm. How does this become the focal point of our lives? Well, you tell me. How many times have you gone on a roadtrip and needed to pull off the road to take care of "business" and had to pick at random a place to "go". Most times you end up in a germ infested creepy substitute of a bathroom. The floor moves from out of the corner of your eye, the "paper" is provided in a roll size that would take care of a travelling football team, yet, is empty. And, of course, the water is never hot, the soap dispenser is empty and forget about seat covers completely. To the rescue comes The Bathroom Diaries. Yes, nirvana on the net! You can now map your course via the best bathrooms in the world! The world! Yes, they have commentary on worldwide public bathrooms! You go to the site, choose your cities, countries, locations and check the reviews. You'll know whether or not to carry a bucket with you, with rubber gloves, Lysol and TP. You'll know if you can easily navigate yourself through the myriad of rest stops along the way and find that perfect location.

Yes, finally a place you can check and prepare for Elivs leaving the building!