29 January 2007

Thank you, Barbaro

I am a huge animal softie. I love them to death and am always touched by their loyalty. Barbaro was no exception. From my childhood days of loveing Black Beauty, to this year's preakness, I have had a love affair with these magnificent beasts.

In the late 80s I had the opportunity to go to Los Alamitos Race track for a day of racing. My favorite place was was the Walking Ring. As the horses are led from the paddocks to the track, at Santa Anita, the horses can be viewed up close. The jockeys, in their silks, lead the horses out of the paddock, along with trainers, around the walking ring to give spectators a chance to see the horses in all their racing splendor. I didn't bet on a race, but the day was wonderful. I often wish I lived closer, I think I'd spend a few mornings a week at the workout sessions.

Barbaro's owners and doctors did all they could to save him. Even with the best of care his injury was too much to overcome. He had developed laminitis in all three uninjured legs. Today he was euthanized. He was truly suffering and the time had come to say goodbye. He may be gone, but he joins a group of well loved animals. Go graze in some tall clover, eat all you want, no worries about getting colic now! See you on the rainbow bridge bud!