01 September 2007

Holy Canoli! Someone left the oven on!

Wowzer! It is hot here. We decided to go do some shopping today. At one point as we were heading off to lunch the temperature was reading 111 degrees. Oh my! While we were heading into Target to see if they had a copy of the 4th season of 24 on sale (which they didn't) I stopped by a store with sweaters on sale. Too funny! I did however pick up two new sweaters. Heh, I can't pass up a sale. They were 2 for 1.

Speaking of 24. Is anyone else wrapped up in that saga? I have not seen it before and this year we have decided to watch it season by season. We are through season three. So no spoilers please! I just love the fact that Sherry is done in. Thank goodness. If you are not a fan but intend to do the same as me, sorry.

We went to lunch at a new place called Famous Daves. I knew we were in the right place when I saw the neon sign on the wall telling us to "eat like a pig". The brisket was smoked perfectly. Very good. They also have a nice selection of sauces from which to choose. I enjoyed it. Didn't take pics though.

Then it was off to see Stardust. Good flick. I enjoyed the film quite a bit and if you're thinking of going it is worth the $6.50. The theatre was well cooled and the audience seemed to have my sense of humor. That's always good. However, after a well spent couple of hours in the cool I was welcomed back to reality when stepping outside. Aaaaack! 114 degrees at 6:20????????

Please. Someone turn off the oven.