13 September 2007

Reading - Craft Inc.

For my recent birthday, thanks to one of the offspring, I was able to purchase this book. I have to say I am only into the third chapter but it has already made a difference in that I am doing. Meg Ilasco has settled my mind.

I am doing several craft fairs coming up for the holidays. I thought I needed to have a lot of things for people to buy. Meg has helped me understand the difference between a lot of things and a lot of your artwork. I am a crafter. I can do all kinds of things, but I am learning that the more dedicated I am to one medium the better I'll do. It makes complete sense. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I got so far. But then again, it is all about learning and doing.

If you are thinking being an artisan or professional crafter, I suggest purchasing this book and applying its principles. It will help you to focus your efforts and possibly lead you in the path of success.