15 September 2007

Aussie Blogging Friends

Peter bearing gifts, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

The wonderful Kirsty made note that her husband was going on a trip stateside and then on to Europe. Hmmmm. I wondered. I wonder if he'll be in our area?

I emailed Kirsty and asked if he'd be in LA. She said yes, that would be one of his stops along his way. So I suggested a little swap. Well, actually I asked if I could possibly meet up with him so I could send Kirsty a little gift. Who knew it would lead to wonderful bits of Kirsty coming to me!

I have to admit, I felt a bit like an intruder, stalker, crazy woman, (add the adjective of your choice here) in asking to meet up with a perfect stranger. But hey, I am old enough to know that if you don't act, you lose out. I wanted to reach out a bit and send a gift to someone I admire down under. So I did.

Emails were sent, calls were made, a meeting point was arranged. This morning I got the call to come and see Peter. He was being chauffered about by a dear friend here in LA. They graciously gave up a bit of their time to let me drop a gift for Kirsty. The picture above shows the exchange. Kirsty had sent me a gift too! Neat. The meet up didn't last long, as I knew Peter must be just a bit tired from an 18 hour flight and I wasn't going to make him sit through a meal making small talk with a perfect stranger. So I came, I met, I went home.

Went home with a little package of my own!

Kirsty sent me this:

Gifts from Kirsty A wonderful bag, made from fabric her brother bought in Provence! It is my favorite colors of all. It matches the kerchief I have in my car and it is perfect! She is an amazing seamstress as it looks like it was store bought!

Along with the bag, she sent a pin cushion I have been dying to have and a lovely stash of girly fabric as she knows I have a grand daughter! Lovely, just lovely!

Pin Cushion and Stash

Thank you Kirsty! I'm glad we're blog friends. Next time I hope to meet you!