10 September 2007


A few weeks back, in the throngs of traveling to and fro, I purchased a bag of Dove Promises. Yep, those creamy little morsels of chocolate that come in handy when stuck in traffic for 6 hours. They actually make the day go by a bit more harmoniously.

I decided to save the wrappers as I drove along. Here are some of the promises I received along my drive:

"Don't think about it so much"

"Send a love letter this week"

"When two hearts race, both win"

"Learn something from everyone you meet"

"Lose yourself in a moment"

"Go against the grain"

"Be fearless"

"Decorate your life"

I know which two are my favorite promises right now. They'll change along the way. You never know what life will bring. Heck it's just a wrapper from a chocolate drop, I tell myself.

Which promise is your favorite? What will you promise yourself?