24 September 2007

Adobe suite

Oh my holy hannah! I have been in the midst of learning these programs fire hose dose. Dreamweaver is my favorite by far, but I still struggle. My brain is swamped and then when I think I can't find my way around it, I wake up in the middle of the night, remember a snippet of the tutorial and then can move forward with the web design.

Thank goodness for Lynda.com. If it weren't for this group of learned people, I'd be really struggling. I feel like I know Garrick Chow personally by now! His voice is very calming, it helps learning the concepts easier. He's the Dreamweaver tutor. Every program I've used on Lynda has been worth the money spent. If you are struggling to learn a program, check them out. I am not being paid for advertising for them, but I do think they're worth the expense.

Soon, soon, soon there will be a new 3 Hip Sisters site. Yay. I think it will always need something new as my critical thinking cannot let anything go. Why is it that I can admire the creativity of others yet second guess myself continually???

Some of the categories will be paper goods, glass art, jewelry, vinyl slogans, wall art, photography, art on canvas and other neat stuff. That's just from the family, now, I'd like to also let you know that if you'd like to join the sisters (once the new site is up) I'd love to help you support your family too. I'll be looking to add other "sisters" as we go along to grow and support the community of moms and creative women.