20 September 2007

Tim Gunn - His Guide to Style

Photo from the Bravo TV website
Bravo TV has really done it right with this show Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. I wasn't sure exactly how it would fare against What not to Wear, but wow! I am really enjoying the "style" of this show.

Tim Gunn spent 23 years at Parson's School of Design honing his skills and interacting with students and industry leaders. He brings his "Guide to Style" book to life on the show. Rather than tell the "styletestant" how poorly their style skills are, he and his partner "accomplice" Veronica Webb carefully guide each to a renewed view of themselves.

I say carefully because they are just that. Not that it doesn't lead to tears, quite the opposite. Tears are shed anytime someone is trying to rediscover themselves. It's hard to realize your personal style is just wonky. However, unlike What Not to Wear's Stacy and Clinton (whom I still think are great) Tim and Veronica actually allow their clients to choose for themselves, all the while carefully guiding them, building their esteem and confidence. I find their methodology much more kind, constructive and a bit more fashion forward to realism for each person. Tim takes into consideration life changes, place in the world, and reality based fashion advice. Sure a woman wants a beautiful caftan style Hawaiian dress for a fancy get together; but if she is going to wear this dress more than once, is a classic caftan really the best choice right now? Remember, we've tossed a whole wardrobe, time to replace it with long-term style musts for this individual, not a one time event type of fashion.

I'm enjoying the show. I love that Veronica calls Tim "professor". They do not always agree on a clothing choice. Tim's reaction to "leggings" was classic. Veronica's reaction to Tim was hilarious. She was shocked and perturbed, yet they still worked to benefit the client. It's fun, and will help you look at yourself in the mirror a bit longer before making a fashion choice.

My favorite quote so far: "You will never be able to control how you are perceived, you can only control how you are presented." I like that.