28 September 2007

Free Friday!

I am taking off today to go to the O.C. Yep, I'm actually going to be allowed access to the prestigious OC to go to a photography seminar (they're calling them town hall meetings). It is being sponsored by several camera companies and hosted by PhotoShelter. It starts mid-day and I should be returning home by about 10 this evening. The best thing is that it's free! I get to mingle with the best in photography today and all it costs me is time! PhotoShelter is hosting 6 of these seminars around the nation. Not anywhere closer to where anyone else I know who is into photography can attend, but check them out if you live in Portland, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York or Chicago.

I am looking forward to a day immersed in photography and its challenges in the digital age. There are going to be several speakers and I am sure I'll see something new in equipment. Yay. A free day for me!