03 November 2005

Pictures at an exhibition

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I told you I'd add some photos of the band today. Here you go! This one is of my guy and his bass. Carvin Bass, Carvin amps. He's a died in the wool Carvin guy. He also owned a fender strat but as he didn't play lead guitar it was hardly used when in front of a crowd.

boys in the band This picture was from a newspaper article in 1973 possibly. The four to the right are original members. The guy in the dark was a lead singer for a time. He was a big showboat and waste of time. I hear he went on to do christian rock. The original band guys wanted to play originals, which at the time were very good. This lead singer dude wanted to do covers, work clubs and basically wasted a lot of time for them. What I remember of him was the song "All Right Now!" The guy on the far right is the one I started off having a crush on, as you can see, he's not in love with himself at all. Heh. The really good looking tall guy in the back is the bass player I fell in love with!

All in all the band was an interesting time in our lives.