21 November 2005

Oh My Heck!

This is the exact reason it's not a good idea to let designers go back through the past issues of Seventeen Magazine. Gauchos were popular back in the 70s and they well awful then and they're even worse now. What woman actually wants her legs to look like this???? Gads, if this little miss at a size four looks this bad, can you imagine what a size 16 is going to look like.

Now don't get me wrong. I didn't say anything bad about size 16. I in fact really like that size. What I'm saying is that the person who has decided to perpetrate this fashion don't on the world again should be made to wear them everyday until they cry like a baby and then we'll let them wear just a bit longer to warn anyone from ever bringing them out again!

Oh Ugh. I just looked at that picture again!