31 December 2008

I am resolute

As a child I heard the statement "Can't never tried" more than I ever wanted to. It was a response from my mother when one of us said something was too hard, or that we couldn't do something difficult.

In church we have a scripture that says "The natural man is an enemy to God". For the longest time the hippie chick in me said, what??? What is wrong with being natural. Finally I got it. There is nothing wrong with embracing nature, or going green or however you want to phrase it. A natural man is (as I interpret it) one who falls back on the excuse of "being born that way" and not being able to overcome difficult traits or habits we currently bear as humans.

I have resolved, this year, to embrace my mother's voice and attempt to put off my natural self. For too long I have wallowed in behavior unbecoming of me. I am more overweight than I want to be. I am less task oriented than I'd like to be. And, I'd like to be able to be more fun.

I can do it. I can be in better shape. I can combine work and life in general. It does not have to be all or none. I can extend myself and become a better self. A less natural self, a more refined self. I'm going to like this paradigm shift.