21 December 2008

The stockings were hung... 2008 Stocking Swap

Tara, of The Well Rounded WOman put together the neatest thing for Christmas. I read about it and decided to join in the fun. The premise was that Moms usually stuff their own stockings at Christmas. On occasion, someone else will get the job done, but that is a rare thing indeed. Tara asked if we wanted to stuff someone else's stocking? And then someone would stuff yours.

That sounded like a good thing to do, so I signed up and waited for my swapper's name. I got Jane, frome What About Mom. If you haven't read her blog you should! I spent about three days stalking her and reading up so I could get her some neat stocking stuffers. I put together a few niceties and sent it off on it's way to her home.

Last night, I arrived home to this: A package just for me. I instructed the husband that the contents of this package would be put in my stocking on Christmas eve and I would have a full stocking on Christmas morning like everyone else!

His reply: "I already put stuff in your stocking". Bonus!!!!!