08 December 2008

American Girl

Friday, I got to go to the most wonderful place. It was at The Grove. You see Little Miss is looking forward to receiving a baby doll for Christmas. So Bri decided that the best place to go get a baby doll would be American Girl. There is a store at The Grove.Molly I blame it all on Molly.

In 1987 I had been working at a brokerage firm and passed the series 7 and became a stock broker. I was now making a decent amount of money and decided to splurge as Santa that year. I had stumbled upon this new little company that had the cutest dolls. They were wholesome and simple. They had cute stories that went with each doll. Each was from a different era. The stories were so compelling they were hard to resist! And Molly? Molly wore glasses. That was the clincher for me. As our Bri had to wear glasses.

My two younger daughters would get a doll. The oldest, well, she was too big for dolls, she would say (I should have bought her one anyway). So Molly and Kirsten joined our family. Kirsten

Wowzers! The store is just beautiful. I took a bunch of pictures (they don't mind) and could not believe how the line has expanded. What a wonderful store for little girls, and little girls at heart. The store is a plethora of pink! Everywhere you turn are shades of red, pink and white. Each doll has her own "room". The room is filled with the story of that doll. Each doll is from a different era in time, mostly divided by decades. They are portrayed as strong, wholesome girls who've endured trials in childhood. Kirsten moved to another continent. Molly was a girl during World War II.

YOu can now have a "Just Like You" doll made for your. There are 20 different characteristics that can be customized for a doll with dreams, hopes and aspirations, Just like You! I love where this company has taken the dolls. It is a good way for girls to play and learn. I applaud the American Girl company for its wholesome dolls.

The store was filled with little girls, their mothers, grandmothers, and the occasional dad. There are so many things to do in the store. You can read about the dolls. You can take you doll to the hair salon and have her hair fixed (what girl doesn't need some pampering now and then?) or you can get your photo taken with your doll int heir photo studio. There is a cafe where you can have lunch, a movie theatre to see one of the American Girl movies. There is a bookstore filled with stories of each of the historical characters. From history to contemporary, you can find a doll that meets the needs of a little girl you know.

I thought back in 1987, when I purchased our dolls, that they were very expensive. Woo, I had really splurged. Well yes I did. But these dolls have seen they're day and still look new. They were played with a lot! And yet, there in their boxes waiting for bigger girls to get them out and begin new play times they look almost new. I am sure they will be joined with others from the collection and will spend many years making believe with little girl dreams and hopes anew. It was worth every penny.