18 December 2008

Work, it's why it's called work.

Work is kicking my behind! Who would have thought that taking a year off would have such an impact on my feet! Aaack, they are crying the blues of not standing 8 hours a day for the past year. Wowzers.
Break from work

I spent the last week in a seaside town at an outdoor mall. Fun. The people watching was the best. My feet killing me was the worst. The above picture is during a break.

Well, tis the season and all my packages are wrapped and under the tree. Well, not all some are still in the mail. I tried as I might to purchase all handmade items this year. However, the electronics portion of the purchases would have been hard to obtain if I stayed true to that hard and fast rule.

So instead I did give Amazon some of my money. A good deal of it was spent at Etsy though. So do you all want to know who I'm working for? I asked my trainer if it was okay, and she said as long as I wasn't divulging corporate secrets it would be okay.

Godiva. Yep. Godiva. A week ago I couldn't afford their chocolates and now, I'm selling them. They are very good. I especially like their dark dark chocolate. It is wonderful. So for the next few months I'll be sharing corporate secrets with y'all! Not really, but that should make them wonder! Work will take getting used to again, but maybe I'll have some fun along the way too. It can't always be work!