30 December 2008

Stocking Swap 2008

Okay, so I lied. I didn't get to the pictures until this morning. We had a family party meet-up with family members yesterday in Vegas.(not my favorite place at all, but it was in the middle) We had a great lunch and a fun little party, gifts were exchanged and tears were shed. But on to the stocking swap!

christmas stocking

This little swap was so fun! I knew it would turn out great, because hey - mom's are professional stocking stuffers! My stocking was stuffed by Cindy of at The Babbling Brooks. WOw what a stuffer! She had me pegged very well and I got all sorts of neat, stuff!

The picture shows my stocking - my red and white reindeer - and all the stuff! Not in any particular order I found all these things inside: Protector sheets for the viewing window of a camera, a lens cleaning brush that is so cool because it has a brush end and then a spray end filled with cleaning solution - it also came with a nice lens cloth, suncreen (banana boat), hand lotion, a cool bookmark with a bird on it, a compact mirror with a little brush - which is the coolest thing ever! Some m&ms, some bath and body gel, a cute set of highlighters that look like cats, a mini frame, the must have chapstick - isn't it everyone's stocking always?!, a small photo journal scrapbook that is personalized and some trident. Neat!

Cindy obviously took the time to go through my blog a bit and learn some of my obsessions. I think the only thing she left out was the airplane ride and free weeks stay in Montana!

Thank you Cindy. It was so fun to wake up to such a thoughtfully filled stocking! Thank you Tara for getting us all together to do this. I'm definitely in for next year too!