05 December 2008

Fire Scrambles, fused glass and cover-ups

Just your average day here at the 1963 remodel. I have been fusing ornaments four at a time for this seasons ornament. The design is nice, I like it a lot. Most people have used the design for plates (have I already said that?, possibly.) But I like the ornament idea, it is heavy though. Definitely a lower branch ornament.

What has really taken my time though is the fire scramble.

I had a friend of s'mee's call me wanting some vinyl cuts for a Relief Society project. I did those, and she called and needed more. She also mentioned she had a Christmas project to do and coudl I help her with it. I always like to help, can you know, I'm a giver! (well and the fact that she's paying me doesn't hurt either - amazing how that works) She asked if I could cut a fire scramble. A what? The picture above is what she tells me is a fire scramble. It's cool. You can see the hook, the ladder, the horn, the axe, and of course the helmet. My nephew is a firefighter, and so it is neat to learn a bit of the lingo.

Wendy wanted them cut from vinyl that looked like frosted glass. I did them and they are really cool. Other than the fact that they are seriously difficult to see! Hmmm clear frosted vinyl against a white background, could that be hard to see? Yep! But I got them weeded (that's cutters talk for removing the unwanted vinyl in the picture) and sent off - none too soon - yesterday afternoon. S'mee caught wind of what I was doing so asked if I could do one for her, and since she's my sister I sent her one too. Hopefully, she'll take a picture of her finished project and we'll all get to see how it turns out! (ball definitely in s'mee's court!)

And, then, I decided that the four year old and I have to come to a meeting of the minds. She can watch cartoons in my office/scrapping/vinyl cutting all purpose room, if and it's a big if four a four year old, she doesn't get into things. Well remember she's only four. Curious and curiouser makes a four year old mind develop the forgetful bug. After too many hours of saying "you shouldn't be into that" I decided to make it easier for her to enjoy herself and not get into what grown-ups call trouble. First thing I did was make this: Pretty eh? Well, it was some left over fabric, and it goes so well with the chocolate colored walls who could resist? (yes I'm being cheeky!) But it now covers up the vinyl cutter. 1 temptation down! Then I put away my things, and will get them out when I need them. Put the scissors up high and cover the computer with a towel. I think we're making progress. Well, for a few days anyway.