06 January 2009

Stephanie Meyer would smile

This morning I had to go to the urgent care center. I have an issue with my right foot. For several years, I have had problems with the pinky toe and fourth toe hurting like crzy mad when I put a shoe on. Working has exacerbated the problem exponentially. Yesterday evening I found myself near tears going into the bank. I was limping and swore I would be at the doctor this morning.

I was. I was sent over to xray to get a nice inside photo of said foot. While I was waiting to be escorted back to the doctors office after the xrays were done I saw what would have made Ms. Meyers proud.

There signing into the appointment log was an elderly gentleman. He couldn't have been much younger than 80. He set his book down to sign in and then quickly picke dit up to find a seat. Once settled in he quickly turned to his bookmarked page. He was reading Stepahnie Meyers' book Twilight. I had to smile.

And then I wondered how I got so far out of this Twilight loop.