08 January 2009

Did you feel it?

The USGS has a page called "Did you feel it?" It's for those of us who live in earthquake regions to report their experience during a recent earthquake. Well, tonight I got to fill one out!

It has been quite some time since we really felt a good shaker. Tonight was the night. I got to put on the form that the house swayed. Then rumbled, then swayed some more. There is no visible damage, but one of my big, as in 3 inch diameter big, marbles fell from its mooring atop the fireplace and bounced on the bricks and to the floor below.

Wow. I looked at the recent quakes site and the BIG RED square indicated we just had a 4.9 earthquake and it was centered just about 24 miles away as the crow flies. Whew! No we'll wait for a few aftershocks too. I still believe that earthquakes are better than a tornado any day!

They just upgraded it to a 5.0!