09 January 2009

Baby shower cake - Ducks

A while back at the bakery we were swamped. I called s'mee and asked her to lend a hand. She, of course, said yes. Then the magic began. A lady had called and asked if we could do a shower cake for her. (yes, I've posted this on FC before- but there's more) She wanted rubber duckies on the cake.

S'mee said she'd do that cake and allow us to work on the five wedding cakes we needed to get done. We merrily worked away and then heard from s'mee "Do you think this will be okay?" What???!!?!! That is the cutest cake we've ever seen! Yes. It will do.

The customer was elated. I posted pictures on my flickr account. Then someone saw it. On Ask Meta Filter someone asked for a funny baby shower inscription. One answer isn't that it has a funny inscription, but it was the cutest cake ever and linked to my flickr photo.

As of yesterday... it has been looked at by Metafilter referrals 2300 times!!! Now that's one cute cake. And s'mee did it!