18 January 2009

Miracles. Are. All. Around. Us.

Some people say that there are no miracles any more. The Red Sea has not parted, angels don't appear in plumes of white, and money doesn't grow on trees. But if you take a moment each day, in your little corner of the world, miracles happen all the time. And, If witnessed them.

I've been reading the now Autoblog/CJane famous CJane Enjoy It since I learned there was a young woman blogging about infertility. I read about her over at Segullah's blog and was intrigued as we have a family of women who struggle with infertility. I preayed with her each month as she tried to conceive a child. A child so longingly wanted, just like my daughters pray each month. She conceived! She has a beautiful baby boy! (That's miracle number one!)

Then one day she pointed us to her beautiful sister's blog. She was posting there and her sister was posting at her brother's place and her brother was posting at her place. What fun. This family knows fun! So I peeked in at the Jolly Porter's place and at something called the NieNie Dialogues. They were both witty and family friendly and fun. NieNie's blog was so pretty, so well done. Nie, seemed to have it all together and perfection was just around the corner. It didn't catch me though and I still would click on hers from my bookmarked CJane.

I stopped at each blog on occasion but I really watched the news from CJane's porch. She kept us filled in on all the news that was fit to print via Happy Valley. Then in August CJane posted about a horrible accident. Then the miracles really started coming in - in waves. I read, watched and participated in those miracles. I am a huge believer in prayer. We all prayed. We raised money. We ran races. We went to concerts and baked cookies. All to help save Nie and her wonderful little family.

Just a couple of days ago another seemingly non-miracle happened. But to me, it really is another of the long string of miracles - Nie posted on her blog again! That's right. She has been to the brink of life and back again, and has accepted prayers on her behalf and on behalf of her family. She is a miracle. The whole family is in fact.

It is just an example of how God is alive and well. And how much prayer works on our behalf. I've said it before, and I'll mention it now. If you know someone, love someone, feel like you want to do something for someone and just don't know what to do - say a prayer for them. Let God know how much you love them and how they deserve blessings of peace and comfort, and that you know He's in charge and no matter what things will turn out right. They won't always turn out the way we want them to, but it will be right. And He'll be there for all of us. God is great. God is good.