17 January 2009

What's happening in Gaza?

We hear the news, we see the pictures, and we wonder why?

Rather than explain it all and flub it up I am going to point you to one of my favorite bloggers. His name is Robert Avrech. He's a screen writer in Los Angeles, CA. He began blogging to ease the pain of losing his only son Ariel. He is a staunch conservative (in Hollywood? do tell!) and he is Jewish. He and his lovely wife have a long history that he'll share with you along the way.

Robert pulls no punches and you actually get the real story of the plight of Israel. It is not filtered through the liberal media and he throws in a lot of Bridgette Bardot to boot. I give you Seraphic Secret Bookmark it. Read the archives. Fall in love with his love story. And get the real back story on Gaza.