21 May 2008

Well now let's see.

I have been a very bad blogger as of late. It seems life has caught me and I am so busy doing life stuff I just don't blog. Sorry all. I have been tagged by the middle daughter and so I will post that soon.

Today was spent in the garage trying to sort out a bunch of boxes. I am streamlining the storage system. Trying to set up more of a glass shop for the flame work in the garage will require a bit of a larger space so I need to clear some things out. There are quite a few boxes to go through, and it has been fun to read some old papers from the past. The first note the big guy wrote me when we started dating. Hehehe. Goofy young love.

Then I pulled out some of the old stuffed animals for Sport and looked at the Molly doll that Little Miss will love in a couple of years. Vintage American Girls. Who'd of thought she'd get a doll that is about 14 years old and be in love with it as much as her mom. Me, for one. I rescued her from the garage sale the middle and youngest were having to raise money waaaay back when they had decided to get a place of their own. Yes, they'll both be thankful I didn't let them sell their dolls.

Love you all! Thanks for checking up on me. Marbles or beads to all who leave a comment!