27 May 2008

Urban Assault Vehicles

uav vs mini, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

This is my car versus what I call an Urban Assault Vehicle. UAVs are all over SoCal. It's obvious what is not to love here. What isn't so obvious is the following:

1. the bottom of their chassis is as high as where the windows start in my car.
2. if the car is driven by your average female or teenager, they are not able to see over their own hood; small person or animals beware!
3. the largeness of the vehicle has problems stopping on a dime; this car is going to take a few more feet to slow down or come to a stop.

All of these come to mind, because of an accident that happened to a friend of ours. He was coming off a 72 hour shift at the local ambulance company. It was a busy weekend. He only had to get across town to be home. He owned a 4 wheel drive UAV, not the one pictured. 3 blocks from home, he fell asleep at the wheel. His car ran over a Honda sedan. His car nearly decapitated an elderly woman, (she died) and severely injured her husband. It was a terrible accident. Nothing intentional at all. The guy was very very very sorry.

It was not enough. He lost his job, and will never work as an EMT again because he was charged with a felony. All because he worked hard and spent his money on a car that should not have been allowed on the streets. All in the name of "personal freedom".