07 May 2008

Let the whirlwind begin!

I am busy. Not too busy but busy even still. I have a hundred things to get done this morning so sleep has been interrupted by lists. Yes, I make lists even when I am sleeping! aaack.

The 1st daughter and her husband and sport on are their way here. Yay! It is his summer internship time again and this means for the next three months the economy will be stimulated by me running back and forth to San Louis Obispo. I can't think of a better way to spend a tank full of gas! Well, unless it includes going to UT to see the other daughters! That will be done this summer too!

I took a class in cold working glass last Saturday. Who knew there were so many ways glass could be manipulated? Well, I learned how to grind, saw, drill, sandblast and polish glass once it is cold. Then it can be fired again, if need be. This Saturday another class is planned that I am really looking forward to attending. I am going to learn how to make marbles! Neat, neat!

Thursday evening brings teaching a class in cake decorating. A simple three weeks class to teach the basics in making a cake and decorating it for a family party. It should be fun!

I have a poll up at the food blog. Please go vote so I can get a good cross section of voters! Thanks!