11 May 2008

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

Yesterday afternoon I went to a class I have been wanting to attend for a long time. The first two thirds of the glass was learning how to make beads with "Boro" glass and then the last hour was spent learning how to make marbles.

How fun was the marble part? So much fun that I finished way before everyone else! It was my reason for attending. Years and years ago began my obsession for marbles. I have a little drawer in my bedside table that has a small wooden box in it. Inside the box is a collection of marbles. Let me show you:

Marble BoxMarble Collection

I was a marble girl. I love playing marbles, loved marble season at school, and could hardly wait to see the swapping that could come about in a frenzy of trading! Clearies were my favorite. Always. With cat eyes second. My brother's was always the steelies. They could knock anyone's marble out of the game in an instant! As kids we would put a bunch of marbles in a frying pan, heat them up hot! and then run cold water on them. They'd shatter into some really pretty objects. (ah the benefits of being latch-key kids!) But they could no longer be called marbles. That phase didn't last long.

Now I can make my own. The one I did yesterday is not yet in my possession. It had to anneal in the kiln at the shop so I have to wait and pick it up later in the week. I'll post a picture soon!