04 May 2008

I've been thinking about the economic stimulus checks

most Americans are being given. It seems awful silly to me that in an environment of deep economic woe, the government would give away money in hopes of stimulating the economy. Yes, we all have some free money, now we can go spend it and forget all of our troubles.

Then to think this has worked better than the U.S. census in gathering data about the citizens. You see, in order to get a check, you had to let them know where you lived, and how much you earn. And, (think about it now) most of us gave them our bank account numbers too. Holy hannah. These guys got us into this mess and now they own us. "Go change bank accounts!", says the crazy conspiracy theorist in me.

But that said, we have some free money available to us. If you aren't going to pay a debt, or donate it to the local food bank (that'll really do some good!) then where are you going to spend it? Please don't tell me you are going to run down to the local big box store and buy something from the very corporations the politicians want us to support. If we were smart, and we know we are, we'd be very careful how we stimulated the economy. We'd do something revolutionary indeed. We'd find our favorite economy - call it a favorite "creator of wonderful things" - and personally stimulate their economy! It is also a great way of supporting creative endeavors. With all the copycatting going on out there, this is one way of validating your favorite original creator!

Here are some of my favorite "creators of wonderful things":

Brent and Beckies Bulbs Brent and Becky will make your garden grow! Think of the pictures you'll be able to take!

Purple Haze Lavender This Lavender company is great! Not only do they have plants to buy, but the have all types of other products to make your life smell as sweet as can be!

Zuzu's Petals has long been a favorite of mine. 2 young women from different paths come together to bring the best staitonery and invitations ever!

Black Mesa Ranch is where we will spend some of our money. We are going to go there and spend a few days to learn about living off the grid. This couple is doing what we want to do on our land. And maybe, just maybe we'll be able to learn enough to get there now!

Savannah Bee Company is just the best honey company in the U.S. They are family owned and operated and have some of the best honey that can be found.

Lost Button Studio. Jessica is one of my favorite bloggers. Her jewelry is simple, elegant and inexpensive. You really need an adornment for that special occasion! Jessica will fix you right up!

There are so many more out there! Who are your favorites? And don't forget 3 Hip Sisters we could use a bit of stimulation ourselves!