22 April 2008

Nicole Miller Design flaw

Recently I got a new pair of glasses. Thanks to my darling youngest daughter. She thought the frames I had been wearing since 1993 just weren't cutting it anymore. Go figure! Well she picked out a pair of Nicole Miller's Sling Back frames and sent them to me. I love the style! See:

However, there is one small problem. Check out the arm on the glasses (click on the picture to make it bigger). Where the bend begins, it changes material and they connect in a "L" shape connection. Well the connection has tiny gaps that grab my hair. After wearing them like this for about a month now, I think I have no sideburn hair left! So what to do?

I mentioned to my husband i was trying to figure out a solution for the problem and though maybe a piece of electrical tubing might work. You know the kind that shrinks when heated? Yes. Well, he then googled his favorite cheap hardware place to see if they had any I could use. Today I went with a coupon he printed for me, and bought a big package of them!

I trimmed on tube to about 3/8 of an inch and fed it onto the arm and hit it with the blowdryer. Woohoo! It worked. Now the hair will grow back and I can be my hairy self all over again! Here's a view of the finished look: from the top,

Glasses arm top
and side:
Glasses arm side

The little black tube doesn't show as it is covered by my hair! If you've got a pair of glasses with the same problem, I recommend my fix.