07 April 2008


Indiana Jones mms, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Since upgrading my Aperture program recently I have been less than pleased with the way the colors look washed out on import. I went looking for answers. The user group at Apple helped me come to an understanding. I only import to flickr at this point. I do print on occasion, but not all that often.

I read and read and then found the answer. The problem isn't Aperture. It is actually Firefox. Yes. Firefox. My favorite web browser is quickly becoming my functional browser for blog posting, but for viewing not so much. You see, Firefox has an embedded photo profile and uses that with all photos uploaded to it. Yes, no matter what profile my photo say it has, Firefox says too bad, I'm using this. Bleh.

So my photo of the Gerbera daisies in an earlier post? In Safari, they are the bright hot pink they were in real life. On Firefox? A nice soft pastel. Not like the true photo at all. So when you are viewing photos and especially if you are looking at a print to purchase, take the opportunity to check the photo in several browsers.

You may have seen a disclaimer on several sites regarding the true color of photos and how they may differ from what you see on your monitor. Not all browsers are alike and not all monitors are calibrated. So this little bit of understanding can help you be more satisfied when making a purchase online.

The photo above. It looks muted, or even dull in Firefox. View it in Safari? Bright and brilliant colors. I don't have IE. Someone want to tell me what you see there?