08 April 2008

I want to quit my job!

As a tax payer that is!

Government employees I pay are really starting to bug me. I read everyday about people struggling to pay their bills and paying higher taxes, and then read this story. And yes, Mr. postmaster, Ms. Veterans Administrator and all you other party goers, I do pay your salary as does every working American. Mitt Romney said it very well when he said it is a sad state of affairs when government workers are paid higher than those in the public sector. It is time Mr. and Mrs. America to put a stop to it all. A couple of examples from the article:

" _At the Pentagon, four employees purchased $77,700 in clothing and accessories at high-end clothing and sporting goods stores. The spending included more than $45,000 at Brooks Brothers and similar stores for tailor-made suits — $7,000 of which were purchased a week before Christmas. The credit-card holders said the items were for service members working at U.S. embassies with civilian attire. Pentagon rules allow purchases of civilian clothing when performing official duty, but generally only up to $860 per person.

_An Agriculture Department employee fraudulently wrote 180 convenience checks for more than $642,000 to a live-in boyfriend over a six-year period. The money was used for gambling, car and mortgage payments, dinners and retail purchases that went unnoticed until USDA's inspector general received a tip from a whistle-blower. The employee, who pleaded guilty to embezzlement and tax fraud charges, was sentenced last year to 21 months in prison and ordered to repay the money."

Oh I have no doubt she'll pay it back. heh. sure.

The democrats were going to stop run away spending when they took over and gained control of congress. Has it happened? No. In fact they are spending more now than ever before. I know one thing for sure. It better stop soon because Mr. and Mrs. America can't pay their mortgages, much less your salaries too!

Or maybe we should all just work for the government.