19 April 2008

Done with the cake.

I have spent the week doing a wedding cake. Wednesday was baking day. Thursday was frosting day. Friday was assembly day and today it gets delivered. It is the first large cake I've done since I left the bakery.

I told my daughter that before, when I did cakes for people I knew personally, I always got really nervous. I was afraid something would go wrong and ruin the big day. Well, it was well founded as that did happen once in the middle of July. The power went out, the house was hot and the cake began to melt away. It was sheer misery. But not this week. I did my prep work, and then yesterday calmly approached the decorating portion. It went so well, I am buoyed up enough to maybe try it again. Not any time soon, but possibly another wedding some time.

I'll post a pic after it gets delivered.