08 April 2007

There is beauty all around

One of the things that impressed me about visiting Washington DC was the architecture. Everywhere, there was evidence of beautiful, thoughtful, sculpture. The lion pictured above were at the entrance of the Taft Bridge on Connecticut Ave. There are four of them. Two on each end. I couldn't believe the lions. They were everywhere.

Then there are the buildings. Scroll work, finials, and lace at every turn. It was a feast for the eyes. I mentioned to S'mee that I would bet there were people that drove those streets everyday that didn't even notice it at all. Busy in their day to day world that the beauty that was around them yearned to be enjoyed.

Then I stumbled upon a story at the Washington Post today. It is the very thing I spoke to s'mee about. A virtuoso violinist in a hallway in DC. Playing music for the crowd. Did anyone stop to take notice? Did anyone recognize this virtuoso? Crowds just days before had paid $100 a seat for the cheap seats to hear him play. He also played a violin from the national archives. Did anyone notice that? You must read this story. It will make you stop and take notice, if even for a few short minutes, next time.

There is beauty all around, we need to take time to enjoy it.

UPDATE: There is a follow-up article to the WaPo article written by the author of the "experiment". If you are like me and enjoy reading all the details, go here to read the backstory.