18 April 2007

I had the best day Saturday!

wedding day
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Not only did I get to see my youngest daughter and her darling husband, but we went to the best wedding. It was fun and delightful and did I say fun?

We got up early Saturday morning sand drove to Las Vegas. Met up with the daughter and grabbed some lunch. We went here and there wasting a bit of time prior to the reception. We went to Williams-Sonoma, Barnes and Noble and Whole Foods. Fun. We talked about chocolate and food, and stuff. Looked at pots and pans and even stopped in a Pottery Barn.

After we had wasted most of the afternoon we headed over to the house for the ring ceremony and the start of the reception.

It was the reception of our architect and his bride. He's actually the youngest one's brother-in-law (which makes it nice, money wise for the plans!). They have been dating about a year and a half. J decided to propose at the Parisian last November, on their anniversary. Because he did such a good job with the proposal they decided to keep the parisian theme for the reception.

It was gorgeous. The food was good, the flowers a plenty and lots of good friends and family added to the mix to make the day perfect. I added these pics to flickr so y'all could see how creative the bride and her family was.

If you're in the Las Vegas area, they are professional florists and I would recommend them anytime! I felt as if we had walked into a florist when we entered the house. There were flowers everywhere. It was beautiful and even the powder room had been decorated in the theme of the day.

Congratulations J&A! Enjoy the honeymoon!