02 April 2007

At your behest Lisa

I'm back! What a whirlwind trip! I spent time with the new baby until the very last moment. Can I first gush at how cute the little bugger is??!!? What a little darling. I stayed until I had worn out my welcome almost and then came back for more!

You see, s'mee was in D.C. I talked her into giving me a ride back to the city so the offspring wouldn't have to endure a six hour roundtript drive just to see me off. S'mee is quite the loving sibling and did get me to D.C. She even let me stay a couple of days in their hotel room with them. (it was a clothing optional room until I got there. s'mee said something about having to go buy the husband some jammies prior to my arrival) That said, I'll probably never get to bunk with them again. We saw D.C. in a blurry hurry, the DC Temple first and then historic site after another. These are some of my favorite photos:

The obligatory messing with the monument photo! A favorite to photograph and also to see how unoriginal we all are on how to adapt to the large structure of the monument.

This was a photo taken at an exhibit inside the Hirshhorn Museum. The exhibit was on light and the diffusion of said subject. It was amazing. If you are in the area, for get the other museums and go to the Hirshhorn first!

This duck stole our hearts outside the Smithsonian. He posed for us from every angle and was very patient with everyone who wanted to photograph him.

Then beyond belief was the chance that we would run into Spencer W Kimball in Virginia. But, yep that's him! Well, maybe not, but I think most of you have a pic of him in your baby files too!