05 April 2007

Random thoughts

I was just checking my gmail and there was an ad off to the side. It's headline was "Date Liberals Now". I ask, why?

Is it that they expire and need a code date to let you know when they've reached the peak of perfection? Or

Is it that they can't find their own dates and need the mercy of an unknown person to pull them from the depths of despair? Or

Will I learn a new set of paradigms that I couldn't without dating them? Or

Are they the new "it" thing and if you're anyone, you'll be dating them, now!

Hah! and I love that the spell check thingy in blogger doesn't recognize gmail as a word. Blogger is owned by google which produces gmail. hmmmmmmmm, think maybe someone ought to update the spell checker!

Just an example of the random questions I ask myself when I read commands randomly put forth.