21 April 2007

Help a fellow crafter

Alison Gordon is a fellow crafter. She is also a co-organizer of Bazaar Bizarre and owner of WonderlandQ. Like most crafters, Alison does not enjoy the benefit of health insurance. Recently she fell ill and accumulated a few medical bills. I do not know Alison personally. However, when Renee, of Wolfie and the Sneak decided to put together a fund raiser I knew I had to participate.

We all need to help each other out a bit. Now and then we give when we can. Maybe just maybe if and when we need help it will come back to us in ways we never expect. I've donated an item for sale as well as other crafters. Head on over to Wonderland Retreat and see what inspires you. Help out a great person. You never know what that will do for you!