10 July 2006

What a Monday can do for you
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This is what I do on some Mondays. A group of us go to club sponsored events and autocross a parking lot. This one was held last Saturday at Qualcomm Stadium. It was sponsored by the BMWCCA and some of the members of North American Motoring decided to participate.

I went to one a couple of Mondays ago when my youngest and her husband were visiting. It was a lot of fun. The best part was watching a couple of the guys spin out and do a 360 or 2. I am not sure I'll drive a course ever but I think I could be talked into it. The biggest problem is the expense. $45 to participate which isn't bad, but the tires are what will eat you alive. You usually add quite a bit of wear and tear on a set and really should have a set just for auto crossing.

I'll have to take a Phil Wickes course prior to driving autocross. I definitely want to do that. More than likely I'll do that next March when we participate in the Mini Vacation in Vegas IV.

So I don't spend all my time in the kitchen or the garden. Some of it is in the sun on pavement. :-D