08 July 2006

One word - yeah right!

Anyone who knows me, knows I talk a lot once I get warmed up. I can speak to a crowd of four hundred, but not to someone I don't know one on one. To say my dating years were excrutiating would be an understatement. Of course after reading Kim's post, on a one word meme, I was intrigued. I can do one word answers very easily in hopes of continuing a conversation. So imagine me, if you will, in our first conversation getting to know one another in person.

1. Yourself: weird
2. Your partner: thoughtful
3. Your hair: coarse
4. Your mother: crafty
5. Your father: sad
6. Your favorite item: cooper
7. Your dream last night: fun
8. Your favorite drink: cocoa
9. Your dream home: glide
10. The room you are in: living
11. Your pleasure: ocean
12. Your fear: success
13. Where you want to be in 10 years: farm
14. Who you hung out with last night: husband
15. What you're not: extrovert
16. Your best friend: daughters
17. One of your wish list items: books
18. Your gender: female
19. The last thing you did: deliver
20. What you are wearing: smile
21. Your favorite weather: 78
22. Your favorite book: cook
23. Last thing you ate: Italian
24. Your life: unabrigded
25. Your mood: happy
26. The last person you talked to on the phone: daughter
27. Who/what are you thinking about right now: future

There you have it. A bunch of one word answers to ponder. What would my next explanation to each statement would be. Try this one yourself. I am sure there are better adjectives that could be filled in by others. Maybe that could be the twist to this meme. Identify yourself and then let others do it too.