10 July 2006


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Okay, I don't know about the rest of you from the desert arena out here, but I am tired of being HOT! Not in the "wow she's hot" sense of the word but the "Oh my heck it's over a hundred and five again!" sense of the word.

Soooooo, as good Souther Californians do, we took a trip to the big ocean. Yes, that's the pacific in the picture. We drove down with mot of everyone else in the desert, on Saturday to commune with the lucky ones that actually get to live there. We spent the day soaking up the wonderful world of beachdom.

My favorite part of the experience is the smell. The salt air has its own unique ability to take you down a few notches in the stress department. Then there are the smells of summer. The firepit wafting it's smoky, barbeque aroma, mixed with the fragrance of heavily oiled bodies make for an all over feeling of well being. Let alone that the temperature was a wonderful 80 degrees.

My favorite place

Tower of the golden boys of summer

This is a shot of where the golden boys and girls of summer live an average of 12 hours a day throughout the summer. Yes those wonderful tanned and well trained bodies who will save you if you get caught in a rip tide or just get tired from swimming and keeping in shape! It could be the dream job of most beach dwelling high schoolers. What could be worse?