19 July 2006

A bit of excitement

Today began with little excitement. My oldest daughter had been to the emergency room Sunday, checked out and sent home. She then went to the doctor yesterday with the same ailment and scheduled for surgery this morning. I was waiting for the call from her sister, who would be there with her, to call and report how things had gone.

Instead, an hour and a half past the time I expected to hear something, anything, the phone rang. Interestingly enough it was my eldest daughter on the other end of the line. Surprised I asked why she was calling? Did the surgery go so well that you're out of recovery and feeling wonderful? Her response: "Well, they didn't do the surgery." I was confused to say the least. I asked why? and then came the response never expected:

Mom, they didn't do the surgery for a good reason. I'm pregnant! Well, needless to say there were cheers heard round the world. This daughter, and her husband, could have been knocked over with a feather. You see, they were told last year, they would most likely never have children.

A miracle has taken place. We are all so excited. Except, of course, the soon to be parents. They are quite confused and will need a bit of time to adjust. Not that they aren't happy. Just very, very, surprised.

Looks like there will be a need of a car seat for the beetle.