06 November 2008

Ozzy came to visit!

Ozzy in dress up mode
Yes, and can I tell you how fun he is? His "parents" came too. They were down to attend a Rise Against concert Friday night. So we got to take Ozzy with us trick or treating.

We first tried this costume on him. Pig?
No. Ozzy just looked well, um, the youngest one said "like he's being raped by a pig", and I guess that says it all. So we decided to go with the orange shirt stating "this is my costume" on it. He was the hit of trunk or treat. Everyone just loved him.

Saturday was spent at Balboa Park with a group of English Bulldog owners. Lunch was at El Indio's. mmmm. Next time they come, they'll probably join us in Arizon. Time for everyone to be at the ranch!