27 November 2008

Happy Thankgiving all

I too, like many others, are thankful for the usual things like family, friends, and home and hearth. You know those things that make life livable - people, pets, full tummies on a daily basis...

As I sit here in the early morning, VH1 is running a Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd special. I'm thankful for those guys too. For the talent and music they've given the world. A simple melody can take you back to good memories and make more along the way.

Musicians in general are truly reason to be thankful. What would we all do without Mozart, Beethoven, Handel or Ravel? Or John Denver, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Alan Parsons. Megadeath for those times when you really need to relieve some stress. And Rammstein. Eddie Arnold, Clint Black, The Four Seasons and many many others that can take you on a journey in your mind.

Even the small sound of a flute playing a familiar tune can fill you up in an instant. I hope your day is filled with wonderful melodies with reminders of good days long past.