07 November 2008

I love technology

I am in the middle of the desert traveling at 80 m.p.h. in my husband's truck. We are headed to the ranch this weekend. We cannot get a radio station on the radio that's how far we are away from civilization. However, I did say I love technology...

That's because if it were twenty years ago, posting on my blog while driving would be an impossibility. But I'm not just writing a post, I'll be publishing it in a few minutes all courtesy of a Sprint wireless card my husband has just received from work. Yahoo!

I think of how much our lives have been made convenient through technology. A mere 20 years of progress in the field of computers and electronics is amazing to me. I think of my brother a lot when I experience these things. He was the ulitmate Star Trek fan. He embraced music on every level. I even remarked the other day to my daughter about how much he would have loved an iPod. The boy at 15 recorded music off the radio for his cassette player! He was a record club member at 13. I think of him and music and technology combined and I miss him and the possibility to experience these things with him. My husband and I will go to movies are sit and watch a DVD at home and he'll say to me "you know, Mike would have loved this". I know babe, he would.